White: A Design Staple for All Seasons

With the passing of Labor Day comes a change in seasons—and with it, a subtle shift in our mood and mindset. Summer is behind us. The rhythm of our days is changing, becoming more structured and contingent on school-day rules.

So we’re fighting back.

How? By throwing one tried-and-untrue rule out the window: instead of boxing up our whitest whites in these post Labor Day days, we’re shining a spotlight on the great white world.

Why We Love White

As much as we at Unison are known for color and pattern, we’re also obsessed with white. Why? It’s a clean palette. A classic backdrop. An inviting canvas on which to display your creativity. An enduring staple of good design.

fulton_white_duvet_980The clean minimalism of white allows your own unique style to capture attention through the color and texture you layer atop it.

In short, it’s one of my favorite “colors.” And it’s perennially in style.

The Wide World of White

Many of today’s foremost designers have a passion for white:

Commes des Garçons often shows white on the runway.
Commes des Garçons often shows white on the runway.

Layering white upon beautiful white, Comme des Garçons proves time and again that great style transcends the seasonal—and transcends that old no-white-after-Labor-Day rule.

One great adopter of such fashion is Karim Rashid, a perennially hip style icon who has made all-white ensembles one of his personal signatures. He proves that white is a class act, as does another favorite style icon, Martin Margiela. This Belgian designer has cultivated a white aesthetic from the start of his career.

The Maison Martin Margielas store in Paris
The Maison Martin Margielas store in Paris

On our honeymoon, we visited his all-white store in Tokyo. It was like a dream to be in that space!

But Not an All-White World

As much as I love white, I couldn’t live in an all-white world. After all, one of the things I most appreciate about white is its gracious ability to let other colors and textures take center stage.

This is why we at Unison do what we do: we design and curate layers of modern beauty, and we let white (or sometimes black or gray) pose as a backdrop for that depth of thoughtful design.

Take white shelving. Dieter Rams‘s Vistoe shelving, for example, creates the perfect first building block in your tower of great design.

And what about white floors?

Sure to feel crisp and clean: Scandinavian-style white floors
Sure to feel crisp and clean: Scandinavian-style white floors

This is a classic interior element in many Scandinavian homes. What better place to begin building your look than from the ground up?