#TBT Valentine’s Day Tokyo

Robert, 2008

In February 2008 for my birthday, Alicia and I traveled to Tokyo to see the Police in concert on Valentines Day.  Japan in itself is a huge influence for Alicia and I with all the design, fashion, food and culture.  We are also big Police fans and never thought we would see them, let alone in Tokyo.  When I was young, I coveted the film “Police Around the World” documenting their world tour of 1978-80. In the film, they perform in Japan also in February and it was an eyeopener about their fanatic fans and technology of the day (Bullet trains and Sony Walkmans).  It was so exciting to be their 30 years later with Alicia celebrating this special day! So, in celebration of Valentine’s day (and it being Thursday – a day for throwbacks and all that), I dug up some photos from our trip and put together a playlist to go along with it. Enjoy!

The Police, Tokyo
Alicia, 2008

Playlist by: Robert Segal