Eva Zeisel

Remembering Eva Zeisel

November 13, 1906 – December 30, 2011

Eva Zeisel, one of the greatest industrial designers and design teachers, died just before the new year. Her persistent philosophy on following natural forms and human relationships never failed her through a prolific career designing successful products, from ceramics to tableware to furniture. She also practiced and spread the word that designing product is not just about production techniques or social need, it was about the search for beauty and enjoying the design process – which is something we all can appreciate.

Robert and I had the chance to meet Mrs. Zeisel after she spoke at the Modernism Show in Chicago a few years back. We were in awe of her vitality and her interest in making things and exploring design. Talking with her we were amazed at her humility and candidness. When posing for a photograph together, she insisted that a white shopping bag be moved out of the picture. She was obviously always thinking ahead – an aesthetic person in every way! We will miss her presence as a testament to hard work, sharing of knowledge, and the endless search for beauty.


Photograph by Talisman Brolin