Red, White, & Beautiful Table: 4 Tips for Your 4th of July Party

Want your entertaining to outshine the fireworks this 4th of July? Look no further. In honor of the country’s big day, we’ve collected 4 of our most trusted tabletopping tips.

Please, pull up a chair.

1. Keep It Simple

4th of July Table Settings

When you’re planning the tablescape, don’t forget that the feast will add a lot of action to your design. So keep it simple.

Try white linens with one amazing centerpiece. Or pepper a single, striking pattern into neutrals. Or, for a bold-yet-simple option, play with patriotic colorblocking – just be sure to stick to strong lines and clean pattern to keep your culinary creations at center stage.

2. Be Brave

To add a party-ready pop of unexpected fun, take that trusted red, white, and blue palette a step further with a dash of surprising color. Try yellow, green, or something even more outside the box – like magenta.

Welcome to the home of the brave.

Give your 4th of July table some unexpected color

3. Keep America Beautiful

There’s one gift our country doesn’t need this birthday: another bag in her landfill. So celebrate in sustainable style by avoiding disposable materials.

Your environmentally-caring conscience will thank you. Not to mention your guests, who will enjoy that corn salad ever so much more with a real fork. Even for big parties, a lovely cotton napkin or metal tumbler is a simple way to show that you know how to celebrate.

A 4th of July table

If your plans prevent porcelain (or anything breakable), there are many durable and reusable options out there – and many of them are a lot more fun than their garbage-y alternatives.

4. Clean It Up

It wouldn’t be a party without a few spills. But today’s stain-resistant technology will help you laugh off any mess. The options are virtually endless.

Who says great design isn’t practical?

Share Your Tips

What are your favorite ways to celebrate the 4th of July? We’d love to hear your comments and ideas.