Q&A with Designer Pat Kim

Pat Kim is a designer / maker based out of Brooklyn, with a knack for creating fun, thoughtful, and timeless objects – which is just one reason that we at Unison love to collaborate with him.

Soap on a Rope

To celebrate a few of his latest additions to the collection, we took some time to ask Pat a few questions about his philosophy and inspiration as a designer. His answers inspired us, so we thought we’d share them with all of you:

Unison Home: How would you describe your overall design philosophy?

Pat Kim: My aim is to create functional, thoughtful objects with a balance. I try to instill a simplicity to my designs, with just the right amount of flourish. I believe the objects we make should be timeless but with a certain nowness. I try to make and design objects that are seen as personal, something you will care for and that will be long lasting.

UH: What inspires you most about designing pieces for the home?

PK: When I go about designing new pieces, I think about what I would want in my own home and use that as a jumping point. In that way, my collection is a really personal reflection of my personal tastes. I’m also inspired by antiques, especially antiques from around the world. They help me to realize what is lasting, the kind of objects people hold on to and pass on, and what these objects say about us.


Citrus Shaped Soaps

UH: What inspired the soaps you’ve created, or what do you find particularly important or interesting about them?

PK: For the soaps, I was inspired to tackle the process of casting, which is so different from the woodwork I normally do.

Making Soaps

What really interested me about working with soap is the clarity and color of the soap, the way it plays with light. I think this is especially true with the Soap Fruits and Cones.

Soap Cones

For the Soap on Rope, I wanted to in modernize a nostalgic object that is visually striking to an oftentimes mundane space.


Triangle Dinner Bell

UH: How about the Triangle Dinner Bell?

PK: The Triangle Dinner Bell is unique in that it is both a functional object as well as a piece of wall art. It is a symbol that, for me, represents togetherness, family, and friendship.

Triangle Dinner Bell

Zig Zag Trivet

UH: And the Zig Zag Trivet?

PK: The Zig Zag Trivet is an object that is a culmination of a long process of experimentation with form and the processes to achieve function. I think the combination of the zig zag form and material make a really great, simple trivet that does exactly what it needs to do and then some. Its form lends itself to being used as a serving platter, desktop organizer, display for small objects, planter stand, or whatever else comes to the imagination.

Zig Zag Walnut Trivet

UH: Anything else you would like to share about your experience as a designer or your feelings about interior design?

PK: The culmination of my experiences in woodwork, toy design, leatherwork, jewelry, etc. dictates my process, and I hope that shows in my work. Though I don’t strive to master any one skill/craft, I’m inspired by those who demonstrate mastery, whether it’s in cooking, smithing, printmaking, or hand lettering. I try to use what I’ve learned everyday and hone my skills with every new object I make.

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