Photography by Robert

Jane and Francois Robert (pronounced Row-bare) are a husband and wife team (like us, but much cooler) who have been the team behind photographing Unison products since 2006. We have become good friends and over time have found them both to be great inspirations. They are super talented in the world of commercial and fine-art photography and graphic design to boot. Doesn’t hurt that they are also super happy, funny, healthy, good-looking, cat-loving, modernists too.

Jane and Francois love to travel the globe and always take the viewer by surprise with their imagery. We are so happy they share their visual passion with us. Below is a series of images they took while on trips to Paris (the source of the Koi photograph) and Coyote Buttes, a protected area in Utah. We are so excited to offer their work at Unison. Each photograph is professionally framed in from sustainable woods sourced in Italy, then cut and joined right here in Chicago.