Mother’s Day in Unison

Fact: a staggering 2/3 of those celebrating Mother’s Day will gift Mom with a flower or plant, spending $2.3 billion dollars on stems for mom.

Of course, we have nothing against flowers. (In fact, we love them – and we love helping you decorate your home with them.) But in case you’re looking to step away from the majority and get a bit more creative with your mommy plans this year, we’ve got some inspiration for you.

Turns out, some of the folks on our very own Unison team have great traditions and stories from Mother’s Days passed. Check it out and steal for yourself:

Alicia Rosauer, Owner / Designer

Most every year, we have a Mother’s Day brunch with the grandparents included. Then, later in the day, we take the kids to the Chicago Botanic Garden. It’s always at its peak with flowers and trees bursting out, and the kids love the fountains the best!

Alicia Pushes a Stroller through at the Chicago Botanic Garden Poppies in Bloom at the Chicago Botanic GardenPlaying by the Fountain at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Erin Madden, Customer & Sales Manager

I have been lucky to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom and my mother-in-law every year. We always have brunch with my mom, and it’s a great way to start the day. We switch off making brunch at my parents’ house or going out to eat. Mom’s pick!

From there, we head to my in-laws for dinner and do it all over again. My husband and his 5 brothers are in charge of the menu, so we (my mother-in-law and 5 sisters-in-law) get to sit back and relax…for a moment.

Daisy Hoeft, Marketing Manager

We celebrate Mother’s Day differently every year. This Sunday, my family is so excited to be headed to the United Center for game 4 of the Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers semifinal series! #SeeRed!

Chicago Bulls at the United Center

Mia Oetter, Store Manager

Every Mother’s Day, my boys Colin & Phoenix and their father take me out for brunch and shower me with gifts ranging from homemade artwork to care packages. My favorite tradition is when the boys pick out cards and add their own personal sense of humor to it. One of my favorite gifts were these letter pressed “stop talking” cards to hand out to my kids when I needed some quiet time. The boys found the gift to be perfect and hilarious, I found it to be quite useful 😉


Caitlin Ragan, Marketing Coordinator

Well, I’ll speak frankly: my family has never celebrated Mother’s Day the same way every year. For about 6 or 7 years now, my sister and I haven’t lived near my mom – so it’s been a lot of heartfelt cards, Skype calls from vastly different time zones, and flowers sent to her office.

So though we haven’t established a true Mother’s Day tradition, I can say that my sister and I have never had a better friend than my mom, and we celebrate that every day with calls, silly texts, and even a private mother-daughter blog to document our favorite conversations together. So cheers to my mum. She’s very loved!

A Mom & Her Daughters