Manual Coffeemaker Launch Recap

Just two weeks ago we launched the beautiful new coffeemaker from Manual at our Chicago store, attended by the creator Craighton Berman and a round of intrigued customers and coffee tasters. Craighton is the designer and producer of this amazing line Manual, and also an artist and professor here in Chicago. Manual’s goal is to  produce not only aesthetically beautiful products, but also ones that ask the user to slow down while making food.


As he puts it: “We think the effort of preparing food is just as pleasurable as the food itself. We think there’s pride in making something yourself. We just aren’t all that impressed with gratuitous features. When it comes to food—we’d rather take it slow.”.


Craighton demonstrated the process of the Manual Coffeemaker (truly easy) and how to pour the hot water correctly to achieve the coffee bloom which is an important piece in order to extract the flavors from the coffee. The coffee used was from Gaslight Coffeeroasters, also here in Chicago. We are so thrilled to be offering this gorgeous coffeemaker in our store and now online. As for Craighton:

“I’m thrilled to be partnered with Unison as one of the first retailers to carry the Manual Coffeemaker Nº1—they truly understand how to bring together an amazing collection of modern home goods that strike a balance between function and form. I’m honored to be among so many objects that I appreciate (and desire).”