Punkt. phone in white

Jasper Morrison’s Punkt.

No, not Punk’d, but Punkt. as in Dot (auf Deutsch). A new venture by one of my all-time favorite designers, Jasper Morrison. It’s a Swiss-based consumer goods company, started by a “group of eclectic and international professionals with a passion for design and simplicity” with the amazing Mr. Morrison as art director.

I love their vision: “To make life simpler” by making products that are “built to do a job, and do that job well”. It’s not a lot to ask, but when you think about, yes, some of our consumer goods today make our lives more complex with so many functions that what once seemed simple suddenly got complicated (ahem, iPhone). Their first product, the Punkt. phone vows to change all that – with a design pedestal to stand on as well. Punkt. also produces a beautiful clock in the same white, red and black as the phone that I’m also very keen on. Especially the version that benefits Japan (shown below). It does not surprise me considering Mr. Morrison is indeed very close to Japan and it’s culture, evident in his own work and collaboration with Naoto Fukusawa for Super Normal.Judging by their phone and clock, I cannot wait to see what’s next from Punkt.