INDO DIY Ornaments + Garlands

This year we had the pleasure of working with INDO, founded by Crystal Grover and Linsey Burritt, as guest stylists for our holiday photo shoot. INDO had created a gorgeous wood paneled wall for a Thimblepress trade show booth and I wanted to recreate that effect to showcase our line of housewares and gift items in our catalog. Crystal hopped to it and gathered all of the wood from the Chicago Rebuilding Exchange and built the wall to accommodate our products. The final piece worked out great and it’s now used as our checkout backdrop at our holiday pop-up on Division.

Wall aside, we also brainstormed on creating a limited edition set of ornaments and garlands made from paper that they had acquired from an old supplier going out of business. Both Crystal and Linsey set about designing the pieces and now they are available for all! Check out the video below to see how easy it is to DIY with the INDO Ornaments and Garlands! Shot by Leo Rosen and edited by Studio In The Sun.