How to Choose & Hang the Right Artwork for Your Space

Are your walls crying out for a little color? A blank wall is a huge opportunity to transform your space. Before you get out that hammer and nails and start decorating, keep a few tips in mind from Unison co-founder Alicia Rosauer. And don’t forget to shop our 4 Day Art Sale!

Think Big

Don’t be afraid to go bold! Our Whale and Neon Heart posters have been customer favorites since we launched them. They are simple, large and a statement in a space. Plus, they work well in a salon-style arrangement (many pieces grouped together, almost collage-like) and act as the strong anchor point.


Choose Colors Wisely

It’s tempting to be a color matcher and find pieces that will work with what’s already going in the room. But really, it’s not about total color matching. Instead, it’s about finding that one alluring color in your room — it could be the color of your window treatments or even the color of those pillows on your couch — and finding a piece that resonates with it. That’s the way to pull everything together without going over the top.


Play With Proportion

Art should cover 2/3 or 3/4 of the wall. If you’re working with smaller pieces and have a narrow wall space to fill, the 2/3 is best.

Hang Strategically

A good rule of thumb is to hang art 62″ from the floor (measured from the middle of the piece). This seems to work for anything — with the exception of really large pieces!


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Do you have any tips for choosing and hanging artwork? Share them with us in the Comments!