How It’s Made: Hand Printed Pillows

Here at Unison we’re committed to working with vendors that provide a high level of craftsmanship and quality products. Did you know our throw pillows are handprinted and sewn in the USA?

Read along to for an inside look at how are throw pillows, are made and now thru 01/14 enjoy 10% Off Throw Pillows with code EXTRA10


The fabric for our throw pillows is made using a hand screen printed process. Large scale fine mesh screens are coated with a light sensitive emulsion. A transparency with the image to be printed is then exposed on the screen using an exposure unit.


Water is used to rinse out the screen, clearing out the emulsion in the areas where the pattern was exposed, allowing for ink to pass through.


After the screen dries, it is ready to print. Large buckets of ink are mixed and then poured on one end of the screen that sits on top of the fabric.


The ink is then quickly pulled across the screen using a large squeegee, pushing ink through the screen’s open areas and producing our desired print. Because the screens are so large, it takes two people to pull the squeegee across the screen.


This process is repeated down the remaining roll of fabric and once it’s dry, the next color may be layered on top. Once the printing is completed, the fabric is sent to our headquarters in Chicago for inspecting and then converted by a local sewing company into our line of throw pillows and table linens.


Voila your pillow is complete!

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