Holiday Traditions inUnison

It’s true that we’re all about modern around here. But this time of year, we’re suckers for tradition. In that spirit, we asked our team to share some of their favorite holiday traditions. And we loved what we heard. Listen in:

Kim Morski, Domestic Production Manager

A couple years ago, I designed a Monopoly board that was completely personalized for my family. (My parents’ version is Wardenburgopoly.) The game comes complete with family-specific properties and chance cards. Each Christmas, I make a complete board set for one of my relatives and their families.


Caitlin Ragan, Marketing Coordinator

I was born on Christmas, and when the nurses in the delivery room cleaned me up and handed me to my mom, they wrapped me first in a blanket and then put me in a Christmas stocking. My mom takes it out every year on Christmas/my birthday and tells the story.

Susie Harvey, Inventory & Production Manager

We have always been a dog family. So after we finish Christmas dinner and clear the table, we put all of the dogs in the dining chairs (easier said than done). The dogs each get their own plate with all of the trimmings. The mess is worth the hilarious memories.

Dog's Christmas dinner

Erin Madden, Customer & Sales Manager

Growing up, we would make apple Santas. You attach toothpicks to the apple to create his arms, legs, head, and hat with marshmallow. Cloves make Santa’s face and buttons, and red cranberries top of his hat and limbs. When we were little, we created masterpieces…some of which looked like Sputnik. Now, my kids are making them!

Apple Santas

Alicia Rosauer, Owner / Designer

Our big tradition is putting the ol’ star up on the tree. I always had that honor of balancing (with some help) on the ladder, and now our oldest does the same!

Daisy Hoeft, Marketing Manager

We are blessed with many homemade ornaments that belong to my husband, his mom, and his grandmother. Some are basic, but many are beautiful and clever. Our favorite one is the “angel” (a decorated toilet paper roll). I’m not sure why or how, but every year our tradition is to get the roll on top of the tree and then hilariously reenact the process.