Gifts for Daddy Dearest

Father’s Day is around the corner, which means watches hitting shelves like clockwork. Along with ties, golf balls, and grill tools. And all the other stuff that’s (un)inspired you in years past.

Had enough of boring and expected? So have we. So this year, let’s skip the shelves and gift dad something fresh and memorable. These picks will get you there in no time:


Linen Slippers

Dad’s accustomed to you using his stuff. It’s part of what makes him Dad. But he might protest more than usual when you gift him these Linen Slippers and then beg to borrow them on the regular.  Crafted in Lithuania of soft, raw linen, these fine footies boast cushioned soles, leather suede bases, and ultra plush action all around. His kicked-up feet will thank you.

Aster Soap

The next best thing to a seaside vacation? Smelling (and feeling) like one. Aster Soaps are crafted with mineral-rich salts naturally gleaned from seawater and proven to soften skin. And with strong, masculine packaging options, you can give Dad the gift of fresh and clean without insulting his manly sensibilities. Scrub-a-dub.

Boat Haus Candles

Bring some aromatic action to Dad’s office, gym, or man cave with Haus Scented Candles. Available in an array of strong fragrances from Balsam to Grapefruit, they’ll bring a brighter scent to his manliest play zones. Mutual benefit for everyone in the house.

Nest Caddies

Is your dad constantly reorganizing his stuff, only to lose track of it again? Time to chic up his storage needs with the multifunctional Nest Caddy. Made of ash wood and designed to strike awe into those who thought Dad was low on the style spectrum, these sensible containers are as useful for storing stuff as for serving a cocktail or standing a tablet.

Plywood Playing Cards

For the play-loving dad, look no further than our conversation-striking Plywood Playing Cards. Whatever the name of your game, these firmly designed cards will encourage hours of quality time. It’s a twofer: awesome gift + new Thursday night poker tradition. Sounds like an ace in the hole.

Braun Alarm Clock

Is your dad an early riser? He’s destined to love the strong crescendo of this Braun Classic Alarm Clock. Whether on the road or snoozed at home, this timely gift will ensure he’s starting his day with a clean dose of great design. Ticktock.

Mies Book

Remember when you thought Dad could leap tall buildings in a single bound? These days, you just appreciate how much he loves buildings, but he’s still your forever hero. Celebrate his passion for great engineering with this handsome Mies Book, all about the father of modern architecture. How à propos.


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  1. Geninne, your artwork is breinhtakatg! I recently received in the mail your “Lotus” print, which my boyfriend got for me as a present (he knows how much I adore your art). It’s happily hanging on my wall. I love seeing those beautiful birds every day. Your blog always brings me a little bit of joy; you are an inspiring artist & woman.