Getting Down with Down Inc.

Thank you, Midwest ducks.

The next time you’re snuggling up with a Unison pillow, take a moment to consider all the thoughtful steps that went into the making of that cozy-beautiful accessory. The list of elements and contributors is longer than you might think – and, true to the value system we work by, very carefully curated.

Allow us to introduce you to one of the greats:

A worker sews throw pillows at Down Inc.

The high-quality, sustainably made feather-down insert in every Unison throw pillow comes from a wonderful little company in Michigan, just across the big lake from our Chicago headquarters.

Throw pIllows are stored in bins at Down Inc.

For over 50 years, Down Inc. has remained one of the country’s only vertical manufacturers in this industry. And we’ve had the great pleasure of working with them since 2006.

Down Inc. has filled Unison throw pillows since 2006

Down’s proprietary processing guarantees a highly clean and sterile feather-based product.

Pillows are filled with sustainable duck feathers at Down Inc.

Their secrets to success? Partnership, sustainability, and a keen eye toward nothing-need-be-wasted resourcefulness. With Maple Leaf Farms – the leading producer of duck products for restaurants and groceries across the United States – as their parent company, Down Inc. has plenty of fluff to go around.

Duck feathers are prepped for filling throw pillows

That’s the kind of smart, sustainable business that we like to join up with.

Throw pillow material is packed up and ready to go