Coming Home with Hillery Sproatt

We’ve had the pleasure of working with artist Hillery Sproatt for some time now, and the results are never short of wonderful.

No matter the medium, her work is always unique, thoughtfully crafted, and marked by a dose of whimsy. In the end, her spirited pieces seem to invite smiles and brighten the mood of the home.


So we were delighted when Hillary invited us to take a peek around her own home. And we were fascinated when she shared a bit more about her background and inspiration as an artist. Take a listen:

Unison: What got you interested in designing goods for the home?


Hillery: My background is in fine art, with an emphasis in printmaking and drawing. I’ve always made work that is two-dimensional and often for the wall. So I am thrilled to be exploring art objects as well as functional textiles for the home. I spend much of my time at home and I want it to be a place I love and can love in. I hope my work brings a bit of joy into the lives of those who live with it.



Harvest Black Throw PillowHarvest Denim Throw PillowHarvest Peach Throw Pillow

Unison: With home being so important to you, how would you describe your own, personal style?

Hillery: I have a deep appreciation for many different aesthetics. Perhaps my personal style is simple and thoughtful, in so much as I enjoy functional things that are well designed and I like to have just enough without having too much. I enjoy things that have a history or a story to them.  I am very drawn to playful and colorful objects as well as pattern. Relationships or how things look next to one another has always been of great interest to me. I am definitely not concerned with matching and often steer clear of sets.


Unison: And when it’s time to get creative, what spurs you to create new work?

Hillery: I’ve always enjoyed making things. Perhaps it’s the surprise of seeing something into existence that excites me or quieting my mind a bit and letting my hands do the talking.

I draw inspiration from nearly everything I take in; places I’ve visited, conversations I’ve had, books I’m reading, or a flower by the side of the road. All of these things find their way into my work.


Unison: And once inspiration strikes, what is your artistic process typically like from there?

Hillery: When painting or drawing my art practice is intuitive. I almost never begin with a plan. When making my dolls and mobiles I am more exacting. I find I put my energy into being efficient with my process and thoughtful with my craft.


Unison: How about us? What has the experience of collaborating with Unison been like for you?

Hillery: I’ve enjoyed it immensely! It’s allowed me the opportunity to interpret my work into textiles, which has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

In particular, I was very pleased with the way my Unison Rag Dolls turned out. Unison’s beautifully bright hand printed geometric fabrics lend themselves so well to being mixed and matched. I think these dolls are whimsical, lovable, and so special.



My Lady DollsHandmade Dolls of The WorldHorse + Camel Mobiles