Picking Fabric

Bringing Modern Home: Our Staff Family Shares their Picks

Unison is a modern home all its own. And like a good family, our staffers are invested in making this place great.

Which is why we have a lot of respect for (ahem) our own opinions. And a lot of fresh perspective on some favorite pieces – how to use them, what inspired them, and why we can’t get enough.

Co-owner and designer Robert explains why he chose the COOL screen print: "The COOL print is cool! The use of color and reduction in the type's letters give it such a graphic quality, it's almost emblem-like in feeling."

Alicia, co-owner and designer, explains why she picked the alpha blocks mint pillow: "I fell in love with mint this season. Alex had proposed Alphablocks in red/blue but I really wanted to try it in mint/gray. It calls back to some crazy colors from the Memphis design era."

Michelle, marketing manager, explains why she picked the bamboo tray: :I love this bamboo tray for outdoor happy hours and BBQ get-togethers. When you have your hands full, it gets you through the night with style and ease.

Kate, content manager, explains why she picked the buffalo pot holder: "So I have a serious collection at this point, but I am definitely making room for this hyper color and hyper mod one. And easy (and cheap!) way to add pop to your kitchen routine."

Susie, inventory manager, explains why she picked the alpha blocks pillow: "I love this pattern even for adults. Something about the geometric letter shapes & primary red & blue reminds me of my childhood!"

Sydney, production assistant, explains why she picked the shapes mint napkin: "Shapes Mint is one of my favorite additions to the summer collection. I especially love it as a napkin - how often do you get to handle such a fresh and fun print during dinner?"