Bring (or Share) the Love this Valentine’s Day

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And when it arrives, even the curmudgeon-iest of curmudgeons will inevitability find herself scrambling to the store for a little something festive. Maybe it’s a cute trinket for the friend you have a dinner-and-an-80’s-movie sweatpants date with every year on this holiday. Maybe it’s an okay-fine-you’re-sweet treat for that special someone of the moment. Or maybe it’s a little something red and rad for yours truly.

The fact is, V Day is a shopper’s holiday. But nobody likes a last-minute dash. So we’ve gathered a list of unique and memorable gift ideas for the occasion.  So from us to you, here’s a shopping experience that’s ever-so-much more fun than finding a table for 2 by the window.

Dots Red Runner & Napkins

Know someone suffering from the Valentine’s Day blues? Red is the remedy in this cheer-me-up recipe: 1 Dots Red Euro Runner, 1 set of Dots Red Napkins, 1 bottle red wine, season with hugs and laughter. This pattern is so bright and cheerful, it’s sure to bring smiles wherever it goes.


Tiles Poppy Napkins

Whether or not you’ve found your perfect pairing this Valentine’s Day, you can bring home a set of napkins that pair perfectly with – well – most anything! Bold and fun in poppy, ultra-mod Tiles Napkins bring symmetry, depth, and geometric punch to your tabletop. And don’t forget the matching placemats and aprons!

Lily and Rose Applicata Candle Holders


On this most romantic of holidays, what could be more appropriate than an alluring silhouette inspired by flower buds opening their lovely petals to catch the warm sun? With their streamlined profile, Lily + Rose Candle Holders from Applicata invite you to arrange a modern twist on the long-stem bouquet of red blooms.

Eve Cake Servers


Have your red velvet cake, serve it, eat it, love it, and help yourself to seconds with these cake servers hand made in Portugal, and matching flatware.

Circa Platters

For the ultimate Valentine’s cupcake pyramid, Circa White Platters are made using a unique firing process that turns the porcelain hard and lustrous. Like a diamond (hint hint).

Festive Pillows & Bedding

Happiness is a colorful home! So why not bring the bright hues of Valentine’s home all year round with Float Pink Pillows, Harvest Poppy Pillows, or rockin’ red Sailor or Regatta Poppy Bedding?