Ateenan Aamu

Ateenan Aamu (pronounced ah-teen-ahn a-mu) means Morning in Athens in Finnish.  Designed by legendary designer Kaj Franck for Finnish glass company Iittala in 1954, Ateenan Aamu was inspired by a trip to Greece and the beautiful church bells Franck heard while there.  At that time, Kaj Franck was artistic director of Finnish design company Arabia, which later became a division of Iittala.


Franck was a was one of the leading figures of Finnish design, the teacher of several generations of professional designers in Finland, and an influential figure in design and applied arts between 1940-1980.   The Design Forum Finland awards the yearly Kaj Franck Design Prize to a designer or team of designers working in the spirit of the late Kaj Franck.



Enjoy the sculptural beauty and sound of Ateenan Aamu in your own home today.

Sold at $45 each piece or a set of three for $125.