Ana Kraš

I am head over heals for Serbian furniture designer, Ana Kraš. Her work is young but embodies an old soul that one would expect to find in an old country like Serbia. Her presentation is beautiful and relaxed – self-shot photographs of her side tables, lamps, and clothing racks within busy but breathable, well-lived in spaces. Here are some of her recent creations:

Noodle Side Table, 2009

The noodle side table is made with a steel wire frame and a loose circular top that can be used as a tray. Turn the base upside down to get a different look!

Noodle Side Tables Installed
Bonbon Lamps, 2010

Bonbon lamps are made with colorful strings knitted by hand over a metal wire frame. They can sit or hang.

Bonbon Lamp Installed
Hive Lamps, 2010

The Hive Lamp uses the Bonbon shade, which hangs on an oak frame. The height can be easily adjusted by pulling the cord through the base.  It can also easily break down into just a few pieces.

Hive Lamp Disassembled
Ksilofon Clothing Rack, 2010
Ksilofon Clothing Rack, 2010
Ana Krass in her Studio