A Very Personal Gift Guide: 13 Unique Ideas

As the founders and chief designers at Unison, we’re particularly selective about the gifts we give this time of year. Because every choice we make is a reflection on who we are, what our company stands for, and how we see our friends and loved ones.

That’s true for all of us, isn’t it?

Selecting gifts can be one of the most rewarding or frustrating activities of the holiday season. So, to help tip your shopping scales toward the enjoyment category, we’re sharing some of our personal favorites – and some of our customers’ too. Each gift on this list is unique, memorable, and full of warmth.

Happy holidays, from the Unison family to yours,
Alicia & Robert

Alicia’s Favorites

1. Object Boxes with Shikama x Unison Jewelry
Object Boxes

Unison had the pleasure of working with local Chicago jewelry designer Sarah Shikama as she designed this line of beautiful and affordable handmade jewelry. Alicia adores the Bauhaus Necklace and can often be seen wearing her own around the Unison offices. But her personal favorite is the cuff.

Each piece in the collection is a beautiful memory from a very fun collaboration: Sarah selected the Aerial fabric and hand marbled her striking bangles to go with it. And the Object Boxes are a perfect match with such standout jewelry; the smallest box is the perfect gift wrap for a special bangle.

2. Ecoustik Docks

Ecoustik Docks
Everyone has a gadget-obsessed teenager somewhere in the family. They love their iDevices, and they love their music, but that endless stream of iTunes gift cards just falls flat after year #4. Enter the Ecoustik Walnut Dock, a beautiful docking station that amplifies sound from their iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini. Pretty enough to leave on the counter, cool enough to make a teen proud.

3. Lumberjack Candle Holders

Lumberjack Candle Holders

Simple enough to be elegant, yet whimsical enough to be as memorable as a candlelight dinner, these Lumberjack Candle Holders might appear delicate, but they’re actually weighted at the bottom to stabilize. It’s the perfect gift for any practical design lover in your life.

4. Dots Red Table Linens and Kitchen Linens

Dots Red Tablecloth
Feeling overwhelmed by the endless stream of holiday parties on your calendar this year? While we’re happy to hear of your popularity, we understand the downside: finding inspiration for so many hostess gifts can exhaust even the most creative of minds. Here’s one that works for all: a super fun set of table linens that is bound to spice up what she’s already got going on, no matter her taste.

Robert’s Favorites

5.Falcon Teapots and Mugs
Red Tea Set - Falcon
Your aunt-who-is-hosting-all-the-shenanigans deserves a good excuse to kick her feet up. This adorable, unbreakable Red Falcon Teapot and Mugs are the perfect answer. In bold red, this set is as festive as Santa’s milk & cookies.

6. Kamil and Noel Mugs

Glass Mugs
Need a gift for that sibling who’s all about the coffee, and another for the one who’s all about the wine? With the Kamil Glass Mug and the Noel Double Wall Glass, you’ll have both covered in separate-but-equal sophisticated style.

Customer Favorites

7. Harvest Navy Napkins
Harvest Navy Napkins
The harvest print is so earthy and warm and bold and fun, our customers just can’t get enough of it. Plant these napkins under the tree for your earthy, warm, bold, and fun wife, whose idea of accessorizing is more about what’s on the table than about what’s dangling from her ears. (We can totally relate.)

8. Harvest Knit Blankets + Pillows
Knit Blankets and Throw Pillows - Harvest
Throw your friends a snuggly blanket and pillow any day of the week, and they’ll be thanking their Holiday stars for you. Knitted in our whimsical Harvest pattern, these gifts are sure to delight anyone on your list.

9. Bird Ornaments


We can’t take all the credit for this year’s whimsical bird ornaments, since our readers chose the pattern from many gorgeous options. Eye-catching, colorful, and made from scrap fabrics in Chicago, these perfect little ornaments are the gift you give your tree. And your mom’s tree. And your sister’s tree. And your neighbor’s tree. And your neighbor’s sister’s mom’s tree…

10. Haus Scented Candles
Haus Scented Candles
Everyone brings a bottle of wine, and we love them for it. But if you want to be the standout guest of the night, you’ll need to light things up a bit. Enter these Haus Scented Candles. Choose from a Log Haus, Mountain Haus, or Garden House scent, and they’ll be remembering you fondly every time they light this lovely gift.

11.Heller White Dinnerware
Heller White Dinnerware
Our customers’ favorite dinnerware? The classic Heller White. And it’s no surprise. They stack together and are perfect for everyday use, but they’re also classic and sophisticated enough to make a style statement. Send them to those newlyweds who only registered for plates they’re afraid to use. They’ll love you for it.

12. Eve Brushed Gold Flatware
Brushed Gold Flatware
If holiday shopping is a competition, you probably just took the prize. This ohh- and ahh-worthy flatware is so special, it’s sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who receives it. Including that special someone: you.

13. Metal Napkin Rings
Napkin Rings - Brushed Metal
You liked it – and you put a ring on it. We’re so happy you did, because these brushed metal napkin rings are some of our favorite tabletop accessories, too. Perfect for the lovely gal who deserves more than one beautiful ring.