A Real Taste of Summer … at the Unison Store!

Check Out our Recap of our Rare Bird Preserves Tasting


We’ve been baking a lot these days. Chalk it up to easy-breezy summer: Longer days give us the extra time we need to whip up pastries, cakes and cookies — and eat them all before bedtime.

We think baked goods pair so well with fresh preserves. As luck would have it, we happen to know one of the savviest purveyors in the Chicago area. Elizabeth Madden, owner of Rare Bird Preserves, makes small batches of fruit preserves by hand in her quiet little kitchen. (But don’t be fooled — they end up in hugely popular mega-retailers like Whole Foods.) And she recently came out to our shop to sample her goods and get everyone excited about summer baking possibilities.

We wanted to share photos that recap this delicious event. Let’s start with those glorious preserves — crafted by and hand jarred by Elizabeth herself. She cracked open so many varieties that our heads were spinning. Lemon blueberry. Peach lavender. And more. She spooned dollops atop scones from Chicago baker Scone City. All we have to say is … match made in heaven.


If you want to re-create the magic in your own kitchen, we’ve got everything to get you equipped.

First, those bowls: Our Falcon Prep Set, made from enamel, takes you straight to egg-beating paradise. Use it to sift flour and mix any number of other things.


If you prefer glass, these mixing bowls will do you right.


Finish the prep work with our rolling pin and pop everything in the oven with our graphic mitts. Voilà — baking bliss!



Thank you, Elizabeth, for doing a tasting in our shop! And, for all you budding bakers out there, we hope these pictures entice you to get going in the kitchen. Have fun and bon appétit!