A Ceramics Story

This season, we are launching a striking variety of standout ceramics. Each piece makes a bold enough statement to stand on its own, but the collection still made us want to know more. So we cornered founding designer (and my husband) Robert Segal for some insight into choosing, using, and loving this new selection of offerings.

Modern Ceramics Pieces

Alicia: Why are you introducing a new ceramic line?

Robert: We feel ceramics complement our core line of bedding, throw pillows, and table linens. They merge in any room of the home, and we want to offer a selection from planters to dinner plates, to capture the unique perspective of our modern aesthetic.  Having done one-of-a-kind and smaller runs with designers abroad and local, we’ve come to love what can be created with the material.

Orbit Vases 2

Alicia: What is it about ceramic(s) that draws you in general?

Robert: The sculptural quality and material. And the fact that glazes are so similar to printing, yet more variation can occur.  I also find the contrast between ceramics and textiles appealing: hard and soft, cold and warm. It’s an interesting dichotomy.

Luna Plates

Alicia: What about the factories you worked with to make these? Why Portugal?

Robert: We have been producing our bedding collection in Portugal since 2006, so it was very accessible for us and easy to meet in person. Having known the quality from Portugal, I was excited to find various ceramic factories offering different ranges and technique. The collection reflects this, with some vases and plates hand made with reactive glazes, while others have been done with slip casting – more minimal and industrial. As we became familiar with new materials and design processes, I was taken back to the excitement of working through this process with textiles.

Alicia: The line is a mix of dinnerware, vases, and centerpieces. Is there one from the collection that you like best?

Strata Black Centerpiece Bowl

Robert: Perhaps the Strata Black Centerpiece Bowl. I love the contrast between interior and exterior, along with the dimension the material creates. It feels very solid and industrial, even tough it’s created from such a fragile material.

Alicia: What’s next in new products that you helped design and develop?

Robert: I’m looking to expand our range of ceramics for the Fall collection, with more texture and pattern involved. I’m also excited about using new colors with existing shapes, playing with the ways color can change the feel of an object.