4 Keys to a Beautiful Bed

We’ve collected some tips for making the right decisions when refreshing your bedroom. And incidentally, we’ve got a White Sale on through April 1st, to help you get your cozy on without breaking the bank.

Do a Duvet the Flexible Way

Your fluffy, warm comforter is the king of cozy. But with the amount of space it occupies, it’s also the king of your bed’s overall look. So choose a duvet cover that you 100% love, and use it as the foundation for the rest of your bed.

One fun approach is to select a versatile pattern, like our Tiles Lemon, that you can tweak for a fresh feel with the changing seasons. Pair it with matching shams and pillowcases for the sunshine-bright days of spring. Roll it at the foot of the bed and add a light, white blanket for warmer summer nights. Or throw in dramatic black pillows for a bold statement through the coldest months of the year.

Yellow Bedding - Tiles Lemon Yellow Duvet, Sheets, Pillows

Ditch the Plain-Jane Sheets

You want slipping into the sheets to feel downright decadent, so look for 100% cotton, and opt for a thread count above the 200 mark.

Most of all, remember that the fun doesn’t need to stop with what’s on top of your bed. Patterned sheets, like our Float Pink Bedding, bring a sweet peek of statement style to your made bed – and a big burst of whimsy to your turn-down routine. You’ll find yourself smiling every time you climb in.

Pink Bedding - Float Pink Hot Air Balloon Duvet, Sheets, Pillows

Standards and Euros and Shams, Oh My!

Pillows are the sprinkles on the ice cream of your bedroom sundae. A little festive, a little flavorful, and absolutely essential.

When selecting sleeping pillows, go soft for stomach sleepers, medium for back sleepers, and firm for side sleepers.

Or, for the ultimate in versatility, consider the Eurosquare. This pillow provides good support for sleeping; works as a sit-up pillow for reading in bed; or makes a great accessory for beds, chairs, and couches.

But how to adorn it? If you want a cohesive look with depth, select bedding that offers pillowcasesshams, and/or throw pillows in the same pattern with multiple tones. Like our Stitch pattern in various combos of black, white, pewterpoppy, you name it. It’s mix, match, mod, as easy at 1, 2, 3.

Bedding in Black and White

Bringing It All Together

So, you like pattern A. And pattern B. And pattern C. What to do? Learn how to combine pattern for truly high style.

The key to mixing patterns is to vary scale. If you combine 3 different small-scale patterns, your bed will look muddled. But pick 1 pattern each in a small, medium, and large scale, and you’ve got sure-fire style.

Our Alphablocks collection offers mix-and-match pattern options with built-in variety of scale, and a major wow factor to boot.

Bedding in Mint and Gray - Alphablocks Duvet, Pillows, and Sheets

Any other ideas for creating a stylish bed? We’d love to hear them!