How to Accessorize Your Couch

Posted on October 9th, 2015 by Libby Cortez

What’s something big that most of us have in common? Couches. We all have them. We all use them. We all love them – albeit for different reasons.

And many of us also share the silly habit of letting our couches fade into the neutral background of our homes after a while. But there’s no excuse for this, thanks to one of the most simple, versatile, and striking home accessories known to man: the throw pillow.

We at Unison happen to be obsessed with these sofa-top essentials. And this time of year, we’re particularly apt to break out a new set of pillows to dress up a room, celebrate a holiday, or freshen familiar spaces for the cold months ahead.

Take a look at how our 3 new interchangeable pillow collections – classic black & white, natural tones & linens, and holiday – bring new personality to a neutral gray couch:

A great collection of throw pillows can do more than make a couch inviting. It can liven up an entire home.

We recommend that you start your browsing here:


Aerial Black $48 – $65, Dots Black $40 – $65, Aerial White $48 – $65


Dots White Linen $62 – $88, Color Block Burgundy $62 – $70, Sailor Black Linen $70 – $80


Tiles Gray $40 – $65, Tiles Royal $40 – $65, Tiles Poppy $40 – $65


20% Off All Table Linens

Posted on October 7th, 2015 by Anna Mutgeert


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How to Choose & Hang the Right Artwork for Your Space

Posted on October 2nd, 2015 by Kelly Aiglon

Are your walls crying out for a little color? A blank wall is a huge opportunity to transform your space. Before you get out that hammer and nails and start decorating, keep a few tips in mind from Unison co-founder Alicia Rosauer. And don’t forget to shop our 4 Day Art Sale!

Think Big

Don’t be afraid to go bold! Our Whale and Neon Heart posters have been customer favorites since we launched them. They are simple, large and a statement in a space. Plus, they work well in a salon-style arrangement (many pieces grouped together, almost collage-like) and act as the strong anchor point.


Choose Colors Wisely

It’s tempting to be a color matcher and find pieces that will work with what’s already going in the room. But really, it’s not about total color matching. Instead, it’s about finding that one alluring color in your room — it could be the color of your window treatments or even the color of those pillows on your couch — and finding a piece that resonates with it. That’s the way to pull everything together without going over the top.


Play With Proportion

Art should cover 2/3 or 3/4 of the wall. If you’re working with smaller pieces and have a narrow wall space to fill, the 2/3 is best.

Hang Strategically

A good rule of thumb is to hang art 62″ from the floor (measured from the middle of the piece). This seems to work for anything — with the exception of really large pieces!


Start your art collecting with a visit to our online art sale here

Do you have any tips for choosing and hanging artwork? Share them with us in the Comments!

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Posted on October 2nd, 2015 by Anna Mutgeert

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Up to 50% off select Kids + Baby Bedding

Posted on October 1st, 2015 by Anna Mutgeert

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Apartment Therapy: Seriously Stylish Kids’ Room Finds For Under $30

Posted on September 29th, 2015 by Anna Mutgeert

Thank you Apartment Therapy for featuring our Alphablocks kids bedding and throw pillows in their Nursery & kids section; Seriously Stylish Kids’ Room Finds for under $30.



Alpablocks Blue Pillowcases $29.00


Alphablocks Peach Trow Pillows $18.00 – 32.50

Shapes & Style Down South: At Home With Designer Alex Fuller

Posted on September 22nd, 2015 by Kelly Aiglon

We often work with artists we admire and, together, imagine new essentials for modern living. One of our favorite collaborators is Alex Fuller, a Creative Director who just relocated from Chicago to Charleston. Alex’s sensibility is fascinating — he’s drawn to shapes and colors because he thinks of them as “the fundamental building blocks of our universal language.” This leaves us endlessly intrigued and we couldn’t wait to see how he integrated these design elements into his new home.


Alex gave us a sneak peek while we snapped some photos of him at home with his wife, Jessa, and dog. Says the designer of their decor style, “We quickly fall into the Mid-Century Modern camp. Eames, Modernica, Blu Dot … all the hits. When people come to our house in Charleston they feel like they’re in East L.A. I can see it, it’s got that Cali Mod flavor. Not to mention we have a lot of plants and tropical foliage around.”


You’ll also see evidence of Alex’s early projects with Unison scattered throughout his new Charleston home. As a bit of background, we first teamed up with him few years ago when we had Spudnik Press make reproductions of his “Geometry” print — a study in strong lines, sweeping curves and bright, colorful punch. At the time, Alex was a creative at Ogilvy Mather and a founder of The Post Family. He moved on to Leo Burnett as a Creative Director and, around the same time, we expanded the Geometry print to throw pillows. Later, the pattern was modified to be a bit smaller and given new life as a framed lithograph, printed bedding, ottomans, bags and kitchen linens.

“We seek a balance of beautiful, tried and true design; and the warmth and personality of art, plants, music, books and sculptural objects,” says Alex. “I wish I could live in a minimalist Japanese home made from plywood but I love being surrounded by things with stories, collections with ideas. You know … a little texture, a little noise.”


Because of Alex’s knack for giving rhythm and order an inventive, modern kick, we naturally turned to him when we began thinking about creating an alphabet print. With Alex’s modern Bauhaus take on the ABCs, Alphablocks was born. This pattern graces bedding, artwork, canvas bins and even poufs (which Alex and Jessa’s dog uses it as a soft perch!).


Inspired by the Memphis design rebirth, we asked Alex to develop some other ideas. We’ve launched his Tango pattern, a zigzag-laden geometric graphic on black, as a knit blanket and pillow (seen in these photos). Other ideas are in the works and will launch in spring.


This designer has so many ideas and always amazes us with his consistency. We love the outcome of his designs on fabrics and paper … and might even try shirts out in 2016. Alex is wearing one in these photos.

We hope these photos leave you inspired. Thanks for inviting us into your new home, Alex and Jessa!


Photography credit: Olivia Rae James

4 Day Poufs + Ottomans Sale | 25% Off

Posted on September 18th, 2015 by Alicia Rosauer

Our custom built Poufs + Ottomans make great accent pieces and are 25% off for a limited time only. Ready, set, shop!




Unison Staff Picks: What We’re Loving This Fall

Posted on September 17th, 2015 by Alicia Rosauer

It’s hard to play favorites when there are so many awesome home products. In fact, picking our top loves can actually be pretty mind-boggling. (Trust us, it’s not a bad problem to have!) But given the task, Unison employees each chose two fall products from our catalog that they are really crushing on.

Discover their favorites here — and get to know a little more about the people in our office that love sharing modern home designs with you!


Terra.Cotto Cookware
This line up is very exciting for me. I picked it out from the huge range of cookware shown at the Housewares Show and I’m so glad I did. I love the clean shapes and natural colors. The design reminds me of ancient cookware to Scandinavian simplistic forms. Their functions are exceptional: stovetop, oven to table and are exceptionally lightweight for ‘casserole’ standards due to their pure clay material. Also the interior is a beautifully glazed dark brown which contrasts well with the matte exterior. We use the littlest one, the Zafferno at home for cous cous dishes. Bonus, they all come with their own mini recipe book from the manufacturer.


Epicurean Slate Kitchen Tools

These have been on my wish list for a while! I have a thing for black – even though I love bold colors too. Black tools in the kitchen just make sense to me – along with my Epicuran slate boards too. These are super flat which makes them store nicely and they go in the dishwasher too even though they are wood and resin, and will never warp or crack. They are made in Minnesota at Epicurean factory – from the scrap of their cutting board production. I can really appreciate this being in fabric manufacturing – we use the scrap from our table linen production to make oven mitts and pot holders.



Fonte Canisters

I love the simple design of these canisters.  They not only keep food items fresh with the silicone seal, they are a great design to display on and accessorize your kitchen counter.  I love the warm color varieties they come in as well!


Sonia Graphite Knit Blanket

This is a great blanket to display on a couch and cozy up with on a cooler fall night.  I love the modern design and the feel!



Falcon Black Enamel Mug

Owning two of the Falcon White mugs with the blue rim, I know that I like Falcon enamelware for more than its looks. The durability of the stainless steel is ideal for a mug because it makes it practically unbreakable, yet with the porcelain coating the mug has less of an industrial look. Also, these mugs are great for both hot and cold drinks because of its insulating material. Falcon mugs are also perfect for camping! I really like our new all-black mugs because the coating on the outside contrasts with the inside. I would really love to see them with my white mugs as a variable set!


Tango Knit Throw Pillow

My living room futon has a natural canvas cover so when I’m searching for throw pillows I look for a jazzy pattern that will stand out. The Tango knit pillow is exactly that! I also love seeing a geometric pattern in knit instead of print because it alters the shapes to become more organic and slightly jagged which contrasts with the pattern itself.



Cabin Charcoal Blanket

I am a big fan of using blankets as an alternative to a duvet.  It is a wonderful way to transition between the cool to cooler nights.  The colors of this blanket provide a great neutral that works with so many colors and patterns too!


Color Block Graphite Pillow

The color block pillow in graphite is a great addition to the Unison pillow collection.  It mixes in beautifully with our Harvest Denim pillows, Sailor Black or Sailor Charcoal pillows…the possibilities are endless!



Agra Pitcher

I love this sleek pitcher because it has a clean design & is super lightweight so you can fill it to the brim with your favorite beverage.  And since it is made from the same quality glass as chemistry labs (borosilicate glass) you can use it for both hot and color beverages.  I can’t wait to serve up some warm apple cider with it this Fall!


Heller Black Mugs

Maybe I am biased since I grew up using Hellerware but to me nothing beats Massimo Vignelli’s  classic no frills design.  I think the design aesthetic still feels modern and relevant even 50 years later!



Trapper Wool Blanket
I just love this blanket! Its timeless design and wooly texture lends a rustic elegance to any space, which I like in the cooler months.


Biobu Kids Dinnerware
Well, since I have a baby on the way, I’m partial to designs that are petite and whimsical these days!  But it’s not just the peppy colors and smooth, organic shapes of this dinnerware that attracts me – I love that the plates, cups, and flatware are all made from bamboo fiber and natural plant materials.


4 Fall Trends to Introduce to Your Home Now

Posted on September 1st, 2015 by Alicia Rosauer

Fall means beautiful change outside. It’s also a great time to switch things up indoors. When we put together our Fall collection, we noticed some distinctive home decor trends and got so excited by the possibilities. Read on to discover them and don’t forget to check out the NEW section of to to shop it all.

Trend #1: Monochromatic Black & White
All black. All white. All alluring. Stark blacks and whites make a strong graphic statement. At the same time, they can also be demure as a backdrop. Why? The reduced palette lets form and pattern reign as focal points.

Shop the trend: Grid black tablecloth, Kubus black candleholder, Ana black tapers, Galvin black flatware.

Trend #2: Handmade Accents

What is thought of as routine is now being instantly elevated by handmade touches. Think of a breakfast table, adorned with a classic gingham placemats. You can bump it up with gold flatware, and add artisan-crafted ceramic cheese stones and hand-crocheted potholders for a fresh, inspiring mix.


Shop the trend: Gold flatware, cheese stone, hand-crocheted potholders.

Trend #3: Perfect Pleats
What may seem simple — a small pleat or ribbed detail — really makes a design. The column-like structure is clean and adds textural interest. Pleats are emerging as a new home decor must, and we imagine in the fashion world they won’t be far behind.


Shop the trend: Fonte Canisters, Dew glassware, iconic Lyngby vase.

Trend #4: Earthy Delights

Natural materials like linen, copper, brass, marble and terracotta are being applied in new forms that have remarkable simplicity and integrity. For example, the familiar casserole dish is made from terra cotta — the ultimate in rustic — yet has clean lines and geometric details that make it a modern standout.


Shop the trend: Noce Moscata casserole, Zafferano saucepot, Salvia casserole, Pepe casserole.

What do you think of these Fall trends? Let us know in the Comments!